S&B  - the facts! 

• A database of pre interviewed candidates to choose from

• All candidates are keen to start a career but need a little extra support to get on the career ladder

• Candidates are aged 16-24 years old

• Traineeships are funded by the government and no contribution is required by employers.

• A Trainee does not need to be paid during their Traineeship Programme but an employer is free to pay if they wish.

How it works?

  • We speak with you to understand the type of work you are looking to offer
  • We match your vacancy to the candidates we have on our database, if there is not anyone suitable we advertise the position for you. 
  • We shortlist a selection of interested candidates and send their CV's to you. 
  • You decide who you want to interview and we arrange these for you.
  • You then decide which candidate you would like to recruit. 
  • Once a decision has been made we arrange for your new Trainee to begin working with you for up to 16 hours per week. 
  • Your new Trainee will be required to attend S&B Academy 2 days per week to work on Maths, English and employability skills.
  • The Traineeship placement will last for a maximum of 6 months and you are under no obligation to offer them employment at the end.

What are the expectations of an employer?

  • To be able to provide work experience to the trainee
  • To assign a supervisor or mentor to the trainee
  • Trainees do not need to be paid (a contribution towards their travel is acceptable)
  • Employers are not expected to employ the trainee at the end of the programme however employers are expected to provide an interview to the trainee for a job vacancy or an exit interview where a vacancy is not available.